Guess what.

Hatena login is blocked at school. =,= Greeeeat.

It says its because of security certificate errors.

I was just in Tech Ed.

Our emails are also being deleted ;A;

I need to change the email on a bunch of my website accounts now.. D:

Im in French with like five minutes left..

I would have gotten started on this earlier, but I expected to have access to my blog during Tech Ed..

Were also going to have school blogs. ;=;

I cant start a second of anything without it screwing up them both.. *sigh*

Half a page written so far.. I want to get more done, though. D:

Devon is watching a trailer for a horror squirrel movie xD

Yeah, they have youtube unblocked. =,=

Yet I dont have access to RES, dA or here.

Youtube is more innapropriate than any of these sites! For gods sake what is wrong with the school board??

//cries because cant update blog from school anymore// Whyyyyy... ;n;

I couldnt remember my new username for school.. DX It took a few minutes to get it right, and I only got it because I went and got the sticky I wrote it on.. ;=;

On a totally unrelated note..



Yeah xD

Typical day on RES uvu

I dont feel great.. ;=;

I dont know why.

Ehhh... I have to go anyway.. Bye.